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Counselling for Adults

As soon as we start having our therapeutic conversations,  we'll begin to figure out the topics you're interested in exploring. People seek therapy for lots of different reasons, so these are some examples of what you may want to seek counselling for:

  • Do you want to talk about something important that happened in your past?

  • Would you like to get insight on something you're finding frustrating about yourself or your relationships?

  • Are you hoping to achieve a goal?

  • Would you like time and space to get a clearer perspective on what your present looks like, so you can better shape your future?

There is no "right way" to be in therapy, and I enjoy supporting my clients while they find their own tempo in the counselling space. I don't direct conversations, but I will be open and curious about your statements and feelings, as this can be helpful in understanding your ways of thinking. 

The therapeutic process is personal and has no average timeline, so I like to review the work with my clients regularly. This way we can both know how therapy is impacting you and make changes if and as needed.

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