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My approach

Counselling can be tough. Facing our experiences and relationships honestly is  challenging.  While therapy is often fulfilling and provides us with much needed answers, going through the process can be emotionally painful.


I honour my clients' humanity, time, life experience, safety and confidentiality. I'm gentle and respectful, which helps our therapeutic relationship become collaborative and productive. Throughout our sessions I will regularly check if I'm understanding what you mean while keeping us on track, and I will match your pace so that we work at a speed that's comfortable for you. My goal is to understand what your life is like from within your own perspective, and use that lens to help you make sense and find meaning in what's happening for you.

How it works

During our Consultation Session, you can share what you'd like to explore during counselling and we can talk about how I work. This initial conversation can help us both figure out if I'm the right counsellor for you.

If we do agree to work together, my sessions are 50 minutes long. We will meet weekly at the same time either in person, on the phone or online, and we'll focus on the topics you choose. I like to offer practical and effective support, so I often suggest starting with six consecutive weekly sessions. This limited timeframe can help us both get to know each other better, and give us a clear idea of where we're heading and how to help you get there. By your sixth session you will know how counselling is impacting you and the issues you're bringing in.  We can then review our work together so you can make an informed choice about ending therapy, or alternatively continue exploring issues.

My areas of expertise
  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Discrimination

  • Endings and Transitions

  • Existential Angst

  • Gender Identity

  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement

  • Growth and Change

  • Islamophobia

  • LGBTQ+ Issues & Homophobia

  • Neurodiversity

  • Otherness

  • Racism

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Self-Esteem

  • Self-Harm

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Transphobia

  • Trauma

  • Xenophobia

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